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NovaBioMed Inc   

NovaBioMed Inc



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NovaBioMed Inc is a biopharmaceutical company. It has developed a unique delivery system for its anti-cancer drugs and small molecule candidates. The delivery system emphasis on the reduction of drug cytotoxicity but also focus on the elimination of multidrug resistance (MDR). The company has drugs in various stages of development. We are committed to our patients and to develop medicines that can make a real difference in cancer therapy. We face the challenges in cancer treatment by applying the best science and medicine.

We Develop Better technologies to better today and to-morrows human lives



Certax?/span>  is our lead drug candidate  formulated in our unique delivery system which has shown in demonstrated superior efficacy against various drug resistant cancers- ovarian, breast, and Non Small Cell Lung (NSML) cancers. NBM 2002 is co-formulation of a special taxane and an agent that targets multidrug resistance mechanism common in cancers therapy.


Our unique delivery system allows for delivery of various cancer drugs in single or combinations directly to the cancer site in sufficient quantities to destroy the tumor. In our pipeline, we have small molecule developed for treatment of various forms of cancers or multidrug resistance cancers. 

NovaBioMed Inc is focused on the development of new drug candidates as well as using their delivery system for Paclitaxel or some of our novel small molecules co-delivered with other drugs to fight multidrug resistance development associated with most cancer drugs.

Short history of Paclitaxel

Paclitaxel was originally derived from Pacific Yew tree bark, but it is now made semi-synthetically. It was approved as a chemotherapy treatment for metastatic cancer of the ovaries in 1992 and for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer in 1998. Taxol is administered intravenously.

Taxol combats cancer growths by interfering with the process of cellular division or "mitosis" within cells. Here's a glimpse into how it works: Inside of cells are various structures and organelles. These cellular parts carry out such tasks as relaying messages, transporting materials, and assisting in mitosis. Microtubules are structures within cells that move materials and provide structural support. They are composed of tubulin strands and assist in the process of mitosis by separating duplicate, DNA-carrying chromatids from each other and by structuring new "daughter cells." Taxol and various other "antimitotic" drugs prevent mitosis by interfering with a microtubule's tubulin strands.

Shortcomings of Taxol

The Bristol-Myers Squibb formulation has side effects resulting from cremophor used in their formulation. To minimize the side effect, corticosteroids are given to the patients to avoid hypersensitivity reaction. The second problem associated with most caner drugs is the development of multidrug resistance (MDR).




For in or out license or co-development or commercialization

Business Development
NovaBioMed Inc
12B Chipman Drive
Kentville, Nova Scotia
Canada B4N 3V7
Telephone 011 902 678 9549
Fax 011 902 678 9545







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